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Nearly one-fifth of adults have an anxiety disorder today. If you’re living with anxiety and can’t seem to find the right treatment, J.R. Evans, MD, may have the solution at KetaView in Redlands, California. Ketamine injections can help to reprogram your anxious and stressed thoughts to bring you peace, so call the office or use the online scheduling link to learn more

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Anxiety Q & A

Anxiety disorders include a group of conditions that feature excessive worrying. Different anxiety disorders include:

Generalized anxiety disorder is the most common anxiety disorder, currently affecting almost 7 million American adults. Its features include frequent or constant anxiety or feelings of dread, which can make it hard to live your life. 

Panic disorder features panic attacks — periods of very heightened fear and often physical issues like pounding heart. Panic attacks can strike without warning. 

Social anxiety disorder features excessive worry and fear regarding social interactions. Many people with social anxiety disorder go to tremendous lengths to avoid being around others, which isn’t a sustainable way to live. 

Phobias are excessive fears involving an object or situation that’s not normally harmful. A few common examples include snakes and flying. 

Agoraphobia means fear and worry surrounding situations where it’s hard to leave quickly. It generally involves feeling trapped, and may feature terrifying episodes of severe anxiety.


Another disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was once considered an anxiety disorder but is today in its own diagnostic category.

The most common treatments for anxiety disorders generally include both psychotherapy (talk therapy) and oral medication. While this approach may help some people, others experience chronic treatment-resistant anxiety that continues to negatively affect their life, even after trying a number of different medications. 


Ketamine is an alternative treatment for severe treatment-resistant anxiety and it offers potentially remarkable results. It may greatly improve the effectiveness of psychotherapy.

The way that ketamine works is extremely complicated, and leading medical experts are still researching and learning about the extraordinary benefits of this drug. Ketamine is believed to improve neurotransmitter (chemical messenger) function in your brain, including blocking the production of chemicals that lead to negative thoughts. 

Oral medications also work on your neurotransmitters, but they take far longer to work, if they work at all. Ketamine is believed to work in multiple other ways in your brain, including helping your brain to grow new neural connections that lead to healthy thoughts. 


Ketamine injections at KetaView can help to relieve anxiety very quickly, often in the very first treatment session. KetaView offers intramuscular ketamine, which means that your treatment sessions are a relatively fast process that takes very little time out of your day. 

To learn more about how ketamine can offer instant anxiety relief, call KetaView or click on the online scheduler now. 

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