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Migraines are painful, draining, and even debilitating for many people today. At KetaView, experienced physician J.R. Evans, MD, and the team of experts offer Redlands, California, patients an effective long-lasting solution for migraines: ketamine injections. Studies show that ketamine can relieve migraine pain both immediately and for months afterward. Book your appointment online or call the office to schedule your consultation now.

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Migraines Q & A

Migraines are severe headaches that usually cause pulsing pain on one side of your head. The pain can be very severe and even debilitating. This type of headache occurs in stages including:

Prodrome happens in the days prior to the migraine attack. Some people notice changes or issues like constipation, mood swings, and food cravings during this time.

About 30% of people with migraines experience auras, symptoms that usually happen just before a migraine attack. Some common auras are seeing flashing lights, tunnel vision, hearing noises that aren’t there, or feeling a prickling sensation.

The migraine attack is when the head pain hits — and it often strikes with a vengeance. During a migraine attack, your pain and other symptoms might be so severe that you’re completely incapacitated. Many people experience nausea and vomiting as well as light sensitivity and other sensory issues during migraine attacks.

The postdrome is the aftermath of a migraine attack. Many people feel exhausted, drained, and disoriented for as long as a full day after their migraine attack. 


With a migraine, you’ll always experience the attack but may not have the other stages. Usually, migraines start after exposure to triggers, such as stress, certain foods, and weather changes. 

Traditional migraine treatments can include lifestyle changes and oral medications. Unfortunately, those measures aren’t helpful for many people. There are other longer-lasting options, like Botox® injections and nerve blocks, however, those options are still only temporary solutions. 

If you’ve tried these measures and still struggle with migraines, ketamine injections could be the long-lasting treatment you’ve been searching for. 

Ketamine is a drug that was originally an anesthetic, so it’s clear that it’s an effective pain reliever. But, doctors discovered that you don’t need an anesthetic-sized dose of ketamine to reap the drug’s benefits. Low-dose injected ketamine can give you immediate pain relief and, even better, it has long-lasting effects. 

In hospital-based studies, patients experienced significantly better pain relief from ketamine compared with other treatments — and in many, that pain relief continued for as long as 100 days after their ketamine treatment. Therefore, ongoing ketamine therapy can provide a long-lasting solution for migraine headaches. 

Experts believe that ketamine works by interrupting pain signals and helping your brain to essentially reset. It also works in other ways that are still under study, but one thing is clear: It’s remarkably effective for people with chronic pain, including migraines, as well as mood disorders like depression and anxiety. 

To learn more about how ketamine can fight chronic migraines, call KetaView or click on the online scheduler now. 

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